Monday, November 10, 2008

Definitely Superior message of Beauty!

My sister, Katja Maki, had one of her art selected for the 20th Regional Juried Exhibition at Definitely Superior Art Gallery. We attended the opening night last month, and once again Rene and Dave had planned a fantastic party! The exhibition ends this Saturday, Nov. 15 so if you have not seen it yet, and you live in the region, head on down to the gallery. Katja's selected piece was also featured on the front page of the local Finnish newspaper, Canadan Sanomat. Her art is titled "Mother Nature's Communication" and in it you can find one of the beautiful cardinals that has visited her over and over again this fall. Her artist statement is below. Her visual and text speak to the power of beauty to spread its wings of everlasting hope in our hearts! "Take note and take action"!

Mother Nature’s Communication by Katja Maki:

Mother Nature communicates with us constantly. The shape of a datura, the song of a bird, the smoothness of a rock worn down by the lake, the taste of the wind: these are a few ways in which she addresses us in Northwestern Ontario. The 21st century has had an inauspicious start due to the devastating effects of climate change, globalization and pollution. Mother Nature sees us but some of us cannot see her or hear her message clearly as life rushes by at blinding speed. There is no time to stop. Many don’t realize that Mother Nature is a part of us and we are a part of her. That what we do to her, we do to ourselves. The loss in the number of songbirds and extinction of species makes it only too clear what will happen to the human race and our planet home if we continue on this course.

Mother Nature implores us to take note and take action. My work illustrates my relationship with Mother Nature. Sometimes I hear her strident call; at other times she speaks to me in an urgent whisper. Through my art, I tangibly answer her, acknowledge her gifts and attempt to show her beauty and complexity.


marja-leena said...

Thanks for this introduction and photo of your sister and her work - they are both lovely!

Ari said...

Congratulations to cousin Katja !

northshorewoman said...

thank you, Marja-Leena and Ari!

Ari, how many Anttila kin enjoy making art? I know Vesti-paappa loved to make stories, but who else?

Anonymous said...

Kerro Katjalle onnittelut ja terveiset kaikille sukulaisille sinne Kanadaan. Jorma

northshorewoman said...

Hi Jorma, I will do that! Katja reads my blog, too, so she will find you here in space, too!

hope Finland is not as miserable in November as the month can be here....

Anonymous said...

Have you ever noticed who ? You must be loved to make this blog when telling stories in a modern method !
Pippi was the drummer of Europe just before their big hit "The Final Countdown". My younger son has the talents of painting but it is difficult to go over the threshold to start. Anttila Clan is so large that many artists will


( and Ole hyvä - guess why ? )