Thursday, November 20, 2008

Entering the tunnel*

This was before the snow blew into town on Tuesday night. In the stark landscape of November every bit of colour that intervenes in the drabness is like a cheery hello from a stranger. These mountain ash berries on a young tree at the banks of the McVicar Creek won't last long when a flock of starlings descends for a quick last feed before heading down south.

Monday morning the waterfall was getting its ice cap. After our snowfall and freezing clampdown I'm sure that when I walk next in the morning the waterfall will be ice. If the batteries in my camera don't get drained right away like they've been apt to do, maybe I can show you its new facade. The weather here changes on a dime and in a day or two we can have dramatic changes.

This dash-of-lemon-yellow male evening grosbeak was out at Helen's feeders at Warnicke Lake. The feeder looks like a little house of its own, perched on a spray of birch legs. The photo is an illusion because while you can easily swim across the lake if you are a proficient swimmer, the far shore and the sauna across the lake are not as close as they appear in this photo.

A well-loved Finnish window decoration, looking out to the lake, a well-loved Finnish pastime, as is bird watching.

Small droplets of ice bob on the ends of the lake grasses.

* that is, into the darkness of winter.

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