Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oi Aiti...oh, Mother

You can find my sister, Della, singing on this YouTube clip of a DVD/cd set called The Hoito Project which is a benefit to help raise funds to restore the Finnish hall on Bay St. Find Della on 4.50 min.; it's just a part of the song she sung. The full song is on the cd which is available for purchase. The cover art of The Hoito Project is by Vesa Peltonen, and very soon prints will be available for donors who give $500 or more to the Finnish Heritage Building Fund.

Della's contribution to The Hoito Project is a traditional Finnish woman's song, Oi Aiti, simply, Oh, Mother. The adult daughter calls out to her mother, beseeching her that I need to share my problems with you, my heart is heavy. She laments her loss of innocence, the heavy weight of life's struggles and deceptions are pressing in and she yearns for the light days of youth. She calls out to her mother in the voice of a child, yet with adult experience. There are other interesting performances on this clip, too, including "Marianen" by Pekko Kappi and a song by Jouhiorkesteri.

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