Friday, November 21, 2008

@ Northern Woman's Bookstore: Ivan E. Coyote

You can't miss the new sign for the Northern Woman's Bookstore that Sara Horsley made! It's sunny yellow shines out at you, and that woman reading a book under the jackpine or black spruce? Why, she just might be you. Thank you, Sara, for designing and making the new sign; it is great. Now we can tell folks, just look for the yellow sign!

The Northern Woman's Bookstore often hosts events. Earlier this year, Lorraine Mayer, author of Cries from a Metis Heart gave a reading at NWB. That's Lorraine on the right with Margaret Philips, the owner of the bookstore and feminist extraordinaire, on the left. Margaret just won the Bay Credit Union Social Responsibility Award for 2008, which is in recognition of her many years of work for social justice and community building. This follows on the heels of her being awarded the Kouhi Award 2008 for her contributions to local writing and writers. She is an amazing woman!

Next Friday, Margaret is welcoming Pride Central and their hosting of Ivan E. Coyote, who will be reading at NWB just before the Take Back the Night march that is convening this year at DefSup. I had Ivan's book of short stories One Man's Trash as required reading for a past course on Multiculturalism and Identity that I taught, and it was a great source of cultural explorations. I look forward to hearing her new work. Below are the invites to next Friday's events:

You are invited Event at the Northern Woman's Bookstore!!

Arsenal Pulp Press and Pride Central Present:


Ivan will be reading at the Northern Woman's Bookstore on November 28th, at 4:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome to attend. Beverages and good things to eat will be available.

The Globe and Mail called Ivan "a natural-born storyteller" and Ottawa X Press said "Coyote is to CanLit what K.D. lang is to country music: a beautifully odd fixture." Toronto Star praises Coyote’s “talent for sketching the bizarre in the everyday”, and Quill’s Magazine says Ivan has a “distinctive and persuasive voice, a flawless sense of pacing, and an impeccable sense of story.” Ivan’s first novel, Bow Grip, was released in the fall of 2006, and was awarded the Relit award for best fiction and named by the American Library Association as a Stonewall honor book in literature. Ivan’s fifth collection of stories, The Slow Fix, was released in September, 2008

Arsenal Pulp Press & Pride Central present:
“The Slow Fix” by Ivan E. Coyote
Book Launch
Friday, November 28 @ 4pm
At the Northern Woman’s Bookstore
65 Court Street South

For more information please contact Pride Central 343-8813

The LU Gender Issues Centre presents … “Take Back The Night”
~ An International Women's March Protesting Rape and Violence Against Women; FRI. NOV. 28, 6:00-10:30pm @ Definitely Superior Art Gallery [250 Park Ave]. Take Back the Night is moving to Port Arthur! After a few years of marching down Simpson St. we're taking back the night in downtown Port Arthur, to recognize that violence happens throughout Thunder Bay. Speakers start at 6pm. March starts at 7:15pm. FREE Entertainment and Refreshments afterwards. Men are welcome to come to the event, but will be staying behind during the march to discuss issues around violence against women as part of the White Ribbon Campaign. INFO: or call: 343-8879.

The evening of Dec. 2nd NWB will be hosting a Poetry night featuring prize winning poet Erin Stewart, with readings by other feminists from the bookstore. More on that later. This flower pot sits on the small round table at the front of the bookstore. Margaret got it as a gift about 8 years. This Cyclamen refuses to quit. Cyclamens are known to be difficult to grow indoors for more than a season, so this plant's 8 year fortitude -- in a northern climate, and facing a north window -- is nothing less than amazing! To me, this cyclamen, her beauty and stamina, her survival against all odds (sometimes she goes weeks without watering!) reminds me of the strength of women. Like Margaret! Her store, the Northern Woman's Bookstore, one of the few remaining independent bookstores, and a feminist one, too! is a testament to women's resilience, staying power and not just surviving, but thriving!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the northern womens bookstore. A place that welcomes all writers and readers.

As for your web site it is so slanted that it feels a very unwelcome place for all. Regarfing all your theories on Palestine here's a few questions on the rights of the so-called Palestinians to the land that is now Israel - What were the borders of "Palestine" before the Ottoman Turks and subsequent British occupation? Who were the leaders of "Palestine" prior to that period? What was the currency used by the independent state of "Palestine"? When did "Palestine" form as a recognizable national entitity? Since you can't answer any of those questions, at least not truthfully, let's recognize the Jews have been in what is now Israel, Judea and Sammaria (the so-called West Bank), since roughly 2000 years before Christ, and let's recognize that based on having had recognized borders (that many invaded, including the Babylonians, Syrians and Romans), political leaders starting with King David, currency - shekels. So tell me - where was Palestine?

Agree.. it is about time to start writing about the Arab countries. Beheading, racism and anti-Semitism, human rights depravation, religious intolerance, tortures of their own citizens, tortures of Canadian citizens, sexism, exploitation of women, constant wars, dictatorship, unequal distribution of wealth, grandiose deprivation of opportunities of their own people, mass illiteracy.....

northshorewoman said...

Since my "website feels a very unwelcome place to all" please don't visit. Please go to sites that confirm your fears and narrow-mindedness. There are 50 million blogs in the cyberworld; I'm sure there are some that coincide with your slant.

northshorewoman said...

Also, I would like to say to you, Anonymous, that your sense of familiarity rings hollow. It is as false as your words. The NWB is full of books--and people--that/who refute oppressions and racisms in all their forms, including racism against Arab peoples such as you display. Also, Anony-mouse, don't forget Arabs are us. They are not countries. Arabs are us and they live with us and amongst us--except of course in Israel, which is an exclusive state, save for the brave Palestinians (the so-called Arab Israelis) who refused to leave their homes in 1948. Israel continues to corral and contain Palestinians inside the human pen known as Gaza and behind apartheid walls in the West Bank, to enforce with military might and state policy "us" and "them."

Unfortunately, the Palestinians suffer inside Gaza and the West Bank because too many people in the world have forgotten that we too are Palestinian. If, however, your 'we' and "all" are exclusive and the communities and cultures you belong to are exclusive then you cannot see my meaning.