Monday, November 3, 2008

the path the deer took

A steep incline is not apparent, but it's there. You'll just have to imagine 2 deer faces staring up from the swamp.

The marshy swamp. I have a shamelessly narcissistic confession: I wear the colours of dried grasses and reeds ... on my hair! That's right, my hair is the colour of dead grass. I love these faded pale colours of late fall.

The old railroad tracks to the lake. Even Musti matches, his fur picking up the threads of darkness inside the powder pale grasses.


spirithands said...

Speaking of deer, they are the totem symbol of my community. We are mostly deer clan members. The deer's most endearing qualities are gentleness and creativity. A nice blessing to you.

Speaking earlier of coincidence and synchronicity regarding blue jays and passing on, I too have a odd sense that things happen with circles. I have had the pleasure to meet one of your linked blogs for one of my projects. I will be sure to visit

northshorewoman said...

Thanks for sharing your deep affinity to deer. How much closer can one get when deer is part of the family?

Nice synchronicity to meet Rauna! I met her through chance, too. I met her in Winnipeg at a conference. She asked a question, and I said, I must speak with this woman!