Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Spider's web is hämähäkinverkko

today was misty

so I saw many spider webs

the webs are always there

but the dusky mist calls them up

In Finnish, the name of the spider ~ hämähäki ~ calls up all that is damp dusky and dim

hämärtää ~ grow dusky, get dark, grow dim
hämäryys ~ dimness; obscurity
hämärä ~ dusky, shadowy, vague, faint, dim, shady
hämäräperäinen ~ shady, suspicious, mysterious
hämäännys ~ confusion

The English word 'web' is from the Anglo-Saxon webb, stem from weave


marja-leena said...

O, fantastic photos! When I was little, my mother sang a little ditty accompanied by a weaving of the hands, that began 'hämä, hämä,hämähäkki'. I wish I could remember the rest.

spirithands said...

Those are some excellent spider web photos!

northshorewoman said...

My photos are simple; no special effects as I don't know how to do them. Only yesterday, cleaning the garage, did I find the box for the now-considered-old Sony camera that I use. So, now I can actually learn how to use it. So far it's been point and shoot. Mostly I'm lucky that what's "out there" agrees to enter the screen in some semblance of its true majestic totality.