Saturday, January 9, 2010

Harper: shake hands with Mubarak

Stephen Harper and Hosni Mubarak share something: both of their governments have deported George Galloway! Certainly, thwarting the humanitarian work of a peace activist is not an honor to share; however, their dastardly methods won't stop Galloway. 139 Viva Palestina trucks carrying mostly medical supplies have finally entered Gaza after a long journey. 59 trucks, however, were confiscated by Egypt. The Viva Palestina convey left England on Dec. 5, crossing the continent, but were denied entry through the Nuweiba port by the Egyptians (although they had had earlier permission), then had to take a lengthy detour/back track through Syria and via a Turkish ship arrived at the Egyptian port of El-Arish. Then they were told they could not pass through Rafah border but had to go through an Israeli border crossing, which of course would have meant that the aid trucks would be denied entrance, hence riots erupted and beatings by Egyptian police and security. Since having crossed into Gaza, 7 have been ordered arrested by the Egyptians for inciting violence.
viva Palestina route maps here


Txomin Goitibera said...

It's really pathetic to see the Egyptian government reduced to mere lackey of Israel.

Very good your blog ... And very good your photos.


northshorewoman said...

It is sad to see how much Egypt has changed, especially from Nasserite days and ideology. Egypt is beholden to the US.

It seems that in more and more countries these days, Canada and Egypt and others, the ruling parties/people do not represent the people. I know in Canada many wonder why we have this current government in power that has made of Canada a regressive force in the world.

tasteofbeirut said...

I am appalled at what is going on in Egypt at the moment. Disgusted is the word, actually.

Tasnim said...

the ruling parties/people do not represent the people

It seems like they're not even pretending they have the people behind them on this one. Their current stance on Gaza, (not allowing any more "independent" aid convoys, and deciding to create their own wall) is so removed from most Egyptian people's feeling of solidarity with Gaza that the govt's had to adopt a "we're doing this for your own good" national security stance.

Ari said...

Harper and Mubarak seem to have common enemies: People living in Gaza.

northshorewoman said...

I thought that maybe there is one country where the majority of people are actually behind their government representatives --and that is, Israel. How else to explain the continuing occupation, killings and maimings of Palestinians, theft of their lands, and new walls?