Wednesday, January 20, 2010

to sleep with a prayer to the Beloved in your heart

Khalil Gibran's poem On Love from The Prophet, recited by Dorna Djenab.

“I wrote over the threshold of my house:
leave your traditions and enter.
No one entered.”

The Qadisha Valley. Bsharre. Watch and weep.


tasteofbeirut said...

Beautiful and moving. Thanks Taina for including all of this and sharing it.

northshorewoman said...

thank you, taste of B, for posting the link to Bint Jbeil when you posted the recipe for lentil kibbeh...which sounds delicious! I have made pototo kibbe before, but have never heard of using lentils. I watched the short video on the Bint Jbeil site and it was moving.