Friday, January 1, 2010

make this spirit soar

yesterday out my window

Prayer Before Work

Great one, austere
By whose intent the distant star
Holds its course clear,
Now make this spirit soar--
Give it that ease.

~ from a poem by May Sarton

today out my window

Well, if one cannot end the year on a cheery note, one can start the year on a cheery note. Best to do so before starting work. Reading--or writing--poetry is a nice way to remember one's blessings. When I came down the stairs and looked out the front door window to see how much frost is on the panes of the windows of the porch (the more frost, the colder the day), I saw them in their usual spot. A pair of neighbourhood crows that live in my second-door neighbour's spruce trees come out each cold morning to sit in the sun on my next-door neighbour's old plum tree. It is -21 this morning with a windchill of -30 says Weathernetwork on my computer. But I knew that from the crows.


marja-leena said...

Lovely images, especially the last one - what a wonderful morning greeting. Hyvää Uutta Vuotta Sinulle, Taina, ja perheellesi!

And, don't stop the serious posts, your voice is important and heard, and we thank you.

northshorewoman said...

May your upcoming year be special, too, Marja-Leena, and your family blessed.