Thursday, January 7, 2010

on the road to Baalbek part 4

The minute we got out of the car at the top of Qurnat es-Sawda, as if on cue, a herd of goats began running towards me.
I couldn't believe my luck to bump into a herd of goats as they were crossing the mountain top.
The goats were everywhere, swarming among us.
They were moving quite quickly. In the distance lay Tripoli and the Mediterranean Sea, but the goats were nonplussed with the view.
Their hooves had trod this familiar ground many times.
I asked, "are these the goats whose meat we ate in the huge kibbeh footballs at Le Mortier in Ehden?"
an old pukki/billy goat gave me a look
off they went as quick as they had come
The owner of the goats. As you can see, climbing the mountain slopes with his goats means he saves on a gym membership.


Katja Maki said...

What an adventure! It made me laugh this morning! I wouldn't mind being swarmed by goats, the only creatures I'm swarmed by here in Northwestern Ontario are mosquitos!! I don't blame the pukki giving you a look, that's not a topic you bring up when visiting their terrain!!

northshorewoman said...

I'm glad you got a chuckle from this post. You should've seen how excited I was when the heads of those goats suddenly popped over the ridge, I almost couldn't get my camera out of my bag!

Speaking of swarms, Raakel from the Hoito coffee conunter and from close to the part of Kauhajoki that we are from, told me yesterday that she has a swarm of red crossbills visiting her feeder out in Sunshine these days.

Ari said...

Was it the pukki whose photo was the lowest ????

northshorewoman said...

no, Ari, I don't think that pukki paid me any attention, at all.

Katja Maki said...

How lucky can Raakel be! Truly amazing birds, those crossbills are! I wish they would return here to my feeder!

northshorewoman said...

well, she lives in Sunshine, after all.

marja-leena said...

Unusual looking long-haired goats, no wonder you were excited! Reminds me of the first time we visited our eldest daughter's place east of Kamloops, BC. One of their neighbours raises goats and llamas and they were allowed into her yard for a visit - what fun!

Great photos of your trip, Taina, I'm enjoyed them!

northshorewoman said...

Hello ML, I have no idea what sort of goats these are. THey are quite beautiful and their meat is tasty. Lean.

tasteofbeirut said...

Great photos, brought a smile to my face! i miss these goats!

northshorewoman said...

I wonder how many varieties of goats in Lebanon? I will go back to Land and People and search if he has posted on goats.