Sunday, January 10, 2010

mouse vision and eagle eyes

Mouse vision helps you look closely at what is right before your eyes. This morning on my walk with Musti and Tassu to the lakeshore, I saw this beautiful abandoned bird's nest in a poplar along the banks of McVicar Creek. In spring, the yellow warblers will return and fill the shrubs and trees lining the banks of the creek, darting their bright yellow colour from spot to spot. When you see yellow warblers, you will also see brown-headed cowbirds nearby. They lay their eggs in the warblers' nests. The yellow warblers brood the cowbird eggs, too, but unbeknownst. When the cowbird hatchling emerges, it eats the eggs of the yellow warbler.
Eagle eyes help you look expansively at your surroundings. With eagle eyes you look outward, casting your gaze across a broad sweep of open space. Then, through eagle eyes you realize you are a mouse.


marja-leena said...

An amazing nest; wonderful photos! I love 'mouse eyes' :-)

tasteofbeirut said...

great photos! I felt I was there with you noticing all of this!
I have some goodies from Lebanon I am offering on my blog, if you care to check them out! (a giveaway)

northshorewoman said...

ML, mouse eyes are good to keep sharp ;-)

tasteofbeirut, I enjoyed your post on Kamal and invite my readers to visit your mouth-watering blog, too.