Friday, June 18, 2010

my morning walk in reverse

Fog rolling in off Lake Superior. I took this photo from Hillcrest Park, towards the end of my morning walk, after having coffee at the Hoito coffee bar and climbing the Bay St. stairs.
Looking down the park where people drive in to look over the lake, you can see a fog bank dividing the sky into two blues. A late model car in the "Amerikan rauta" style.
Down by the lake shore the water was as calm as a mirror. This was before the fog rolled in.
A fat groundhog was sunning himself on a rock, with an old rose bush in the background. Miraculously, this rose bush has managed to survive over the years amongst the boulders. Another ground hog dashed away between the rocks to her tunnel.
Look closely. Walking over the overpass, I saw what I thought were plumes of smoke coming from atop trees. I stopped to look. No, just millions of small flies! The pillars of flies were everywhere. Needless to say, I walked with my mouth closed tight to prevent flies from flying in.
Due to the rainy weather, humidity and sun, the environs of McVicar's Creek was majestic.
The creek between Algoma and Court Streets.

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