Tuesday, June 1, 2010

watch out for these two old terrorists: they may be armed with clubs and knives

The ways people rationalize away what they refuse to accept never fails to amaze me. As you can see from reading the quote below, some people grasp at straws to perpetuate their illusions when they see the truth opened up for all to see. They insist on repeating falsehoods no matter how ridiculous they sound. Here's what I read in my local paper today about the Israeli attack on the flotilla of humanitarian aid:

"The B’nai Brith Canada, the Jewish advocacy group, applauded the Harper government for not jumping to conclusions, and called the "Free Gaza Flotilla" a terrorist group with links to al-Qaida and Hamas.
'We also await the facts and urge rational Canadians not to jump to conclusions, even though there are many who are trying hard to seize this obviously staged opportunity for the purpose of spreading hateful propaganda,' said spokesman Frank Dimant.
'No one should be fooled that the Gaza flotilla was part of some docile humanitarian mission. This was an action organized primarily by Islamists with ties to various terrorist groups across the globe whose obvious goal was to provoke Israel into a response.'"

That mind-boggling statement came after statements by Netanyahu saying the commandos "were mobbed, they were clubbed, they were beaten, stabbed ...Our soldiers had to defend themselves, defend their lives, or they would have been killed."

Below are some of the dangerous "terrorists" who were on board the ships:

Archbishop Hilarion Capucci, 88

Hedy Epstein 85


Merche Pallarés said...

You see how the lies are starting... Unfortunately, naïve, gullible Canadians (the majority) will buy it. No doubt about it. Hugs, M.

Ari said...

I don't have to see any horror films for a long time after seeing the pictures of those horrible terrorists. Why can't your alert PM Harper eliminate those terrorists ( two napeshots with Colt Peacemaker ) and show to the world what a real man he is.

northshorewoman said...

MP and Ari,

Of course many people will believe the stories that the representatives of Israel make up. Netanyahu said yesterday that the ship was "not the Love Boat" but a "Hate boat." If that's not the most flagrant misuse of pop culture! By linking this commando attack -- state terrorism -- to the 70s show The Love Boat, diminishes the severity of the whole issue and takes away from the blockade of Gaza by the Israelis. What becomes the topic?

Seriously troubling.