Sunday, June 6, 2010

which is worse, a black duck or a brown duck? or are they both dead ducks, so it doesn't matter?

South of the 49 parallel, in the Gulf, the BP oil crime is predicted to cause massive loss of wildlife and birds over the years. What will be the number? Does BP care? Does Obama really care? If anyone really cared the laws wouldn't be so wimpy that these sorts of crimes continue to happen with very little accountability. Why are these CEOs,managers, et al, not seen as criminals? Corporate criminals? Why, no matter what disaster neoliberal capitalism creates, we continue to support capitalism?

Canada: Syncrude duck. Our dirty ducks are more black than brown.

Meanwhile, north of the 49 parallel, in Alberta, the Tar Sands oil project continues full steam ahead, billowing out all sorts of toxic sludge, which, THANK GOD for SCIENCE, is being saved in humongous vats. What to do with it? Hmmmm. What government policy allows this folly? It is predicted that the Tar Sands will cause the deaths of 160 million birds over the next 30-50 years. The 1600 ducks that, a few years back, landed on one of the gigantic toxic tailing ponds and drowned have been forgotten by most Canadians. In Alberta, the ducks at least still make the news. The politicians, however, seem not to have seen the images. Further, the number of ducks that get swallowed by these tailing ponds is out of sight, out of mind.

Bye-bye birdie. Capitalism always wins.


eastwitching said...

I have read this blog post and th elink to thebnews item Both made my stomach go cold and my heart go out to that poor little creature and the thousands of others. What are we doing to our world. It makes me sad and angry. I feel the nit picking about details is totally pathetic in the light of huge animal suffering. Thank you for posting this. I am an animal rights supporter too.


tasteofbeirut said...

This is heartbreaking! I am so sad for the helpless animals!
As far as Russians, I think there is a small community of Russians in Tripoli; I think they may even have a community center of some sort. Otherwise, I have met a few of these white russian in Beirut, one of them is still around and teaches architecture at the AUB.

northshorewoman said...

hello taste of B,

I will do my sleuthing....