Friday, June 11, 2010

my yard is whatcha call natural

horseradish gone wild

the part of my yard that I call "the jungle." Forget weeding; weeds always win.
columbines in pink

looking at the sky from beneath pink columbines

the transplant: a slip from the white rose bush from my mother's yard is enjoying the sun in my yard.


marja-leena said...

I'm catching up after a week away - love your garden - that's mine too after an excessively wet spring. And you have changed your page design - lovely too!

northshorewoman said...

hell ML, I hope you are enjoying a nice start to summer in BC.

Finally, blogger had some new page designs! I guess it's like moving furniture around in a room. It's the same stuff but a shift in perspective.

arlette said...

Hello Northshorewoman
you have a very interesting blog, love your garden and the flowers.
glad to have a blogger from Northern Ontario. I am in North Bay.

northshorewoman said...

hello Arlette,

I liked your food blog. I will be back to visit for recipes. Shangleeshi is my favourite but whether I will be a success at making it is a big question....