Friday, December 11, 2009

bird alphabet

Someone left me a message in the snow this morning.
I followed the bird alphabet along the snow
to a place under the mountain ash tree.
I looked down
and saw that someone had pressed their feathery eyelashes onto the snow.
or maybe they were spreading their wings on the snow, wondering which berry to nip.


Katja Maki said...

Both of my sisters' postings made me cry today! This is so beautiful ... a message from a dear sweet bird! Birds are usually oral so this alphabet is especially special!

Ari said...

Maybe the birds had their mating rituals(soidinmenot).

Philosophichick said...

Cute....great imagination bella!
Merry Christmas!

northshorewoman said...

Katja, I love your last 2 posts. The photos of the pigeons are amazing! And the surprise of Isa's face!

Ari, don't birds mate in the spring? Or maybe the birds that overwinter are busy all year long?

P-chick, Merry Christmas to you, too. I'm sure the weather in Mexico makes for a very different Christmas time!