Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Canada, history is calling

The video above is an eye-opening way to present the horrific effects of Canada's stand on environmental and human destruction. There are some creative folks out there getting the message across by using digital technologies in compelling ways!

Yesterday, 20 activists were arrested in Ottawa after unfurling 2 giant banners from the Parliament Buildings in tandem with the opening of the Copenhagen Conference. The banner read "Harper/Ignatieff: Climate Inaction Costs Lives" in both English and French. Below, you can watch a corporate news clip about this direct action against Canada's vampire role in environmental and human destruction and climate change, but be forewarned, you have to watch Santa selling services first!

[I'm having problems embedding the video. If you can't see it, go here]

Santa selling stuff tv channels to children--have we no shame?!-- is part of the massive contradictions that make up Western consumer culture. Other contradictions slap me in the face from across the border: Obama tells Americans to SPEND their way out of the recession, which reminds me of his recent rationalization of more killing for peace. It seems increased deaths of Afghani people are the price to pay for more military action, now focusing on counter-insurgency as the road to peace. I guess it was only the technique that was wrong and which is why "the mission" is failing. It seems that the road to peace and stability lies in increased violence and more death, which Canada also subscribes to in our continued occupation of Afghanistan.

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Merche Pallarés said...

Amazing the first video. It's too bad I don't know how to link it to MY blog... In the other one I didn't see any Santa... It's wonderful that young Canadians are reacting to that neocon government that you are suffering... Hugs, M.