Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Burning Books Press launch

This Saturday, Dec. 12 is the launch of the new publishing house at Definitely Superior Art Gallery, called Burning Books Press. I'm on the vetting committee for submissions for the first book that will be published, called Fuel. If you are currently or were once a resident of Thunder Bay or Northwestern Ontario, you may wish to submit some writing for consideration; find the call for submissions here. What sort of writings are they looking for? "contemporary to traditional to experimental writing including: poetry, short prose -fiction/non-fiction (not historical non-fiction), ephemera, socio-political commentary, and content far enough outside of the mainstream to be prohibitive of inclusion in more traditional media."

Along with others this Saturday, I will be reading a poem. I'm thinking it may be The Shaman Creek. Or maybe if I find some quiet time between now and then, I will write about juggling fire, seeing as that is the entertainment that night!

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