Wednesday, December 30, 2009

violence and non-violence

Palestinian Woman. artist Shepard Fairey.

"On Saturday, Israeli forces entered Nablus for the first time in several months for one of the bloodiest operations in the city in over a year. The homes of three Fatah members - allegedly involved in the death of a settler the previous Wednesday - were broken into. Relatives in the homes said Israeli soldiers shot the three men at close range. One man was shot in bed with his seven-month pregnant wife, a second was shot standing beside his 16-year-old cousin, and a third was taken into the yard of his home and executed."

Ma'an image. Back to mud in Gaza.

"The UN relief agency UNRWA said on Tuesday that Gaza had been “bombed back, not to the Stone Age, but to the mud age,” because the agency was reduced to building houses out of mud due to Israel’s ban on construction materials entering the Strip."

Children of the Intifada. Pen and Ink Drawing by Abdel Rahman al-Mozayen, 1988

When will it be our time? asks Mustafa Barghouthi:

"A new generation of Palestinian leaders is attempting to speak to the world in the language of a nonviolent campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions, precisely as Martin Luther King Jr and thousands of African-Americans did with the Montgomery bus boycott in the mid-1950s. We are equally right to use the tactic to advance our rights. The same world that rejects all use of Palestinian violence, even clear self-defense, surely ought not begrudge us the nonviolence employed by men such as King and Gandhi."

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