Sunday, December 27, 2009


I count my blessings each time I go for a walk. The gifts I receive are simple but awesome. I give thanks for the silence, for the freedom to walk where I wish, alone.
When I lived in Toronto while taking classes for my Phd, I was warned never to walk alone on a trail in the day time. Sexual assaults on or near the campus of York University are a constant threat to women, especially in the morning. So, my morning walks in Thunder Bay are a blessing. I am blessed with the simple pleasure of walking alone on a path by a river in silence. A woman walking alone, a blessing.
I count the blessings of snow and cold. Some curse them; I love them. Winter reminds you of the cycle of life. Of death. Of the anticipation of spring, of rebirth. I bless my mitts and my hat. My boots and my coat and my scarf. I give blessings with all my arms


marja-leena said...

Ah, beautiful! Snow envy!

Enjoy these last days of the year, Taina.

northshorewoman said...

all the best to you too, ML, as the year draws to a close.