Sunday, December 20, 2009

two women, two Spells

Nina Simone. Her songs are beautiful; this is her 1968 cover of I Put a Spell on You, 2.34. In some of the old photos of Simone put together in this youtube video, she's made herself up to look like Nefertiti, who, hopefully, makes her way back to Egypt where she belongs.

another Spell, another translation. An 18 minute Spell. Natacha Atlas (of mixed European, Egyptian, Jewish, Muslim heritage), live at Union Chapel, in a longer version of the Spell found on her cd. Thanks to Gerry for sending me her cd a few years back!


Anonymous said...

Kiitos! I have been browsing your lovely website the last couple of days. What a delight with the mixture of Middle East and Finnish. I'm doing my best to help end the Occupation of Palestinians, so it's good to find like-minded folks, especially when they're suomalaisia! I actually started my schooling at Five Mile School on Dawson Rd and then we moved to Toronto.

Anyway, Hauskaa Joulua!
Kaisa (in Nova Scotia)

northshorewoman said...

Hauskaa Joulua to Kaisa! The internet is a net of possibilities, so huge but oh so small too. Imagine that you went to Five Mile School on Dawson Road! I am sure you are enjoying Nova Scotia. I have not been there, but I hope to one day.

Sadly, many Finnish Canadians stay away from engaging in what they would term "politics" so I'm glad to hear that your heart is big enough for all.

Have a peaceful new year.