Saturday, July 19, 2008

Chainsaw shop on Manitou Street

Manitou is an Anishnawbe word that means Spirit Being, such as the Great Spirit, whose presence is felt everywhere, as well as a feeling that something mysterious is happening, or mystery, spirit or mysterious. Manitou is also the name of a short street in an old part of downtown Port Arthur (which joined with Fort William to make the city of Thunder Bay).

At the corner of Manitou and Court Streets is an old chainsaw shop. I remember going there with mun isä [my dad] once years ago when I was little. He went there to get some saw blades sharpened.

You can see the red insulbrick building that is the old chainsaw shop from the bottom of Manitou Street. In November it was dusted with snow. I think that's Musti's ear in the foreground.

You can still see the old sign saying Oregon Saw Chain posted on the chain link fence that surrounds the lot, which looks like it is not more than 25' across. Summer or winter that sign is still hanging in there.

But the place is abandoned and the windows are smashed.

Garbage bags line some of the windows to keep out the homeless.

The front steps are no longer sturdy.

A close up of the window reveals: OPEN FOR BUSINESS and Sorry, we're CLOSED. The shop has been closed for many years. I'll have to ask the old guys at the Hoito coffee counter who used to be the owner and when did it close. They will know.

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