Friday, July 11, 2008

flower map

I belong to a feminist writing group. We call ourselves RedShoes on Court. We meet once a month at the Northern Woman's Bookstore, which is on Court St. here in Thunder Bay. Last month's take-home writing prompt was "mapping". Our prompts are very loose and we can do whatever we want with the prompt. So, I thought to make a visual bioregional map of where I walk in the mornings.

There are many different ways of making a bio-regional map; I am going to mix visual with some textual. I started the map to McVicar's Creek last night, and today I thought to pick some flowers from my garden to include as contextual material for Point A, that is, where I begin my walk, and that is, my home. I sewed the flowers into a plastic binder sheet and will press them flat between some heavy books. Next, I am going to write up a card with the names of the flowers I picked.

white Campanula . Dianthus (pinks) . Sweet Mock Orange . Mountain Bluet
Damask Rose . Lady's Mantle . Dame's Rocket . Red Scarlet Geranium
Forget-me-nots . Diablo Ninebark . Peony . Potentilla
Oriental Poppy . Polar Star Rose . Weigela . Stella D'oro Daylily

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