Friday, July 18, 2008

mallards in the morning

Yesterday I went to my friend, Alpo's, with Erkki Määttänen,a Finnish filmmaker who has come to town to film Urho and other interesting goings on, and Anna-Kaisa Kontinaho, the soon-to-leave Finnish intern at Canadan Sanomat. I will post some photos soon of our visit.

Today my sister, Della, who lives in Ireland, is coming to town. I've made a cake with honey, whole wheat and brown rice flour, and Yasmin and I thought to make couscous mint salad to go with the barbeque meat.

This morning Erkki Pietilä's voice calling back to me "Are you going to the Finnfest in Duluth next week?" (of course, he said this in Finnish) startled the blue heron that had been standing silent while we were talking and wondering where the blue heron was this morning.

Alex told me the he saw the blue heron fly over Machar Avenue the other day. Where was it flying to? I wondered. Maybe the pond at the hospital.

Over the last 2 days, I have dropped off the summer issues of the New World Finn newspaper that Gerry Henkel sent my way via Erkki Määttänen (see him on the cover in the earlier link!). I left some at Renco Grocery Store (run by 2 Italian Canadian guys I worked with at the Paramount Theatre in my highschool years; lots of Finnish Canadians shop there), Harri Bakery (a Finnish-Canadian bakery in town run by Harri Kurtti, who makes great pulla, strawberry tarts and Alexanderi cookies), and handing them out to my many Finnish Canadian friends, some who I came across this morning outside the Hoito.

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