Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Prince Arthur's Landing Marina

Although I constantly walk along the shore of Lake Superior, I've only been out on the lake twice. Once, I went fishing out by Cloud Bay on a 16' aluminum boat, which was not fun (and I like fishing!). It was, I have to admit, quite scary. The waves were huge and the boat that had appeared to be not a bad size on shore, seemed to feel a bit like just a bottle cap as we left the shore behind and went up and down in the waves. It is the closest I have been to sea sickness. It was 30 celsius on shore; out on the lake it was FREEZING. My teeth were chattering the whole way. The other time was years ago when there used to be a boat that left Prince Arthur's Landing for Fort William Historical Park. This was when my dad was still alive. My dad insisted we all take the boat to the Old Fort. My sisters and I grumbled about it.

It costs $5 to launch your boat into Lake Superior at the Prince Arthur's Landing Marina, which is right downtown Thunder Bay. Every morning I see anglers heading out. Some mornings I see them heading back, so they must've gotten out early!

This is a map on the shore to help you navigate the bay of Thunder.

This is the way out to the lake.

I saw the Canadian Coast Guard head out onto the lake the other morning.

That morning it was a bit foggy. One of our old out-of-use grain elevators looks like a medieval castle in the mist.

Of course, to get out onto the lake, you need a boat. This sailboat is moored in the harbour. That morning the horizon and Nanabijou disappeared in the gray.

The day before the sky was not as foggy, so you could see Nanabijou. I think a lot of photos have been taken of this sailboat because you can't miss it as it is moored on its own.

unlike the other boats

Some of them are only taken out on the lake once in a blue moon, I bet. Folks are too busy making the money that's needed to keep them running...and docked.

Often in the morning the lake is still as a mirror.

But that stillness is deceptive.

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