Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Murmeli mielessä

That means "groundhog on one's mind" in Finnish. My sister, Della, is enchanted with groundhogs. My sisters and I have walked along the waterfront twice in the last week, and although I have pointed out all the usual spots where he comes out and cranes his neck over the rocks (or pops his head out of his burrow), the murmeli [groundhog; woodchuck; whistlepig] did not show.

He did not creep up on the rocks to sniff the morning air. My sister Della is eager to see a murmeli because her theater troupe back in Ballinaclash are performing a play they have written that has a groundhog/man as a character.

It is a fairytale-like play in which men have became banished from earth. However, one old powerful woman suspects that some men did not disappear but hid away in the form of groundhogs.

So, the male character in the play has to act and look like a groundhog.

In that case, much of his time would be spent standing on the side of the stage either looking around or standing still and chewing greens such as leaves and twigs.

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