Tuesday, January 20, 2009

American people show me I am wrong

photo from Palestine Think Tank

Obama is on my tv now, giving his much-anticipated inauguration speech. At this momentous time, I give my well-wishes to my American readers on ridding themselves of years of corrupt, damaging, cruel presidents such as the Bushes and Reagan to name possibly the worst. I wish them well on the purposed turn towards possible hope and change. Hope is a deep belief, but change is action--I hope. I dearly hope Obama's hope and change are not just rhetoric, but ethical action that you, the American public, will hold him accountable to.

On this historic moment on an historic day, "In Memory of Martin Luther King" Yousef Abudayyeh has posted from The Free Palestine Alliance (FPA), Statement 15 "How History is Made". "In this fifteenth installment, the FPA remembers Dr. Martin Luther King., Jr. through our own eyes, reflects on the destruction of the Zionist assault, analyses the cease fire, and puts forward a plan of action." The FPA statement asks of Obama:

"For President Obama to stand on these dignified shoulders [of those who resisted and suffered American racism and brutality], he now has an obligation to do what is right – to take even the smallest steps in that direction, all while he remembers that "yes, he can". This is not a choice in any way. Obama has an obligation to place equality in morality; and to place morality in public policy, both foreign and domestic. And when he finds out that the US system of government and geopolitical interests do not allow him so, he must make the change he championed. To this day, he has been a follower not a leader on these critical issues."

Cornell West on Obama.

Let's hope Obama's ethics transcend the existing power cabals of the US, Israel, and other collaborators of world fear.

Obama is not a critic of militarism, rather a supporter. He has promised to increase the military presence of the US in Afghanistan. His first foreign visit will be to Canada. Will his aura of kindness and hopeful rhetoric be used to convince Canada to extend its "mission" (read Occupation) in Afghanistan beyond its projected end? Will his pleasant manner be put into play to ask Canada to commit more soldiers to Afghanistan? This is what I fear. A kind face of the ugly. American readers, show me I am wrong. That what I fear will be unfounded. That Obama will not continue the rhetoric of terrorism and the racism against Arab and Muslim people and nations. American people show me I am wrong.

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