Tuesday, January 27, 2009

will Obama stop making these?

B-2 Stealth Bomber. The end of this clip reads: "Do Something Amazing."

US Apache helicopter.

SFW or Sensor Fused Weapon or 1000 pound "Smart" bomb that covers 360 acres.

Someone in the Israeli army has uploaded a video from their fighter jet cockpit of bombing a mosque in Gaza. No mention of dead and burned bodies here, rather the language is stripped of death: "Weapons Hidden in Mosque Neutralized by Israel Air Force 31 Dec. 2008"

CBU-97 aka Cluster Bomb

During the summer of 2006, Israel dropped millions of US-made cluster bombs in southern Lebanon. Below is a poem I wrote, which I read as part of a poetry road crew for Random Acts of Poetry, during our stop at LU Radio last October.

Our combined efforts are needed

They lie in wheat fields, tobacco fields,
schoolyards and gardens,
on the ground in olive groves.
They hang from citrus trees,
rest on the broad leaves of banana trees and stud the roads of southern Lebanon.

On the ground they look like toys.
Each has a white tail — like the tail of a kite — so children run to play with them. Often, children are the ones injured or killed
by CBU-87/B combined efforts munitions.

60 small dense bomblets are packed into a cylinder to make one cluster bomb.


The US is one of the largest manufacturers, stockpilers, users, and exporters of cluster bombs.
Countries opposing their ban:

US, Israel, China, Russia, India, Pakistan and Brazil.

“Cluster bombs are legal if aimed at military targets and very efficient,” military experts says.
Fired from Israeli aircraft and artillery, cluster bombs sprayed
4 million bomblets across the fields, forests, groves and gardens of southern Lebanon.
“We covered entire towns in cluster bombs,” reports Ha’aretz, an Israeli newspaper.

“The land has become my enemy,” laments Hussein Abdullah,
a farmer from southern Lebanon,
“I’m afraid for my children.”

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