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But they defied and stood

Beit Hanoun massacre aftermath. Reuters photo.

I will tell you a story ..
A story that lived in the dreams of people ..
A story that comes out of the world of tents ..
Was made by hunger, and decorated by the dark nights
In my country, and my country is a handfull of refugees ..
excerpt from "The Story." Kamal Nasir.

The Massacre in Gaza: Check the Facts. by Max Kantar:

"Based on the overwhelming evidence available, one conclusion can be drawn regarding the nature of the US-backed Israeli attacks on Gaza: a genuine massacre of ordinary, unarmed people has been taking place for over two weeks.

Here is just a small part of the documentary evidence to prove it."

protest in Lebanon for Gaza. Al-Jazeera photo.

Palestinian refugee, Abou Rayya, who lives in Lebanon explains:

"I've been a refugee my whole life," Abou Rayya says.

"I lived in Gaza but ... was born outside of Gaza and have never been able to return to my birthplace.

"How have I been around for 60 years without an identity?"

He goes on: "All I have is a piece of paper from the United Nations that says I am a refugee. I have a right to have an identity. I have a right to have a country, to be from somewhere."

Suit filed in the Hague for crimes against humanity:

"Lawyers and jurists from several countries filed on Wednesday a lawsuit before the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

This is the first in an expected string of suits against the Israeli government and senior political and military officials for crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide stemming from the current military operation against the Gaza Strip."

Supporting AIPAC and Israel at all costs. Palestine Chronicle photo.

"It's quite clear from Hillary Clinton's [incoming US secretary of state] most recent comments that it [the US backing of Israel] will continue under Barack Obama.

"I see no change, I see no hope at all in the future," [Robert] Fisk said."


Medics: elderly man dies with white flag in his hand:

"Ambulance crews from Kamal Adwan Hospital found the decomposing body of 92 year old Musta’bal Jeraabi. He had been injured on the first day of the Israeli invasion, but medical crews were unable to reach him until today. Paramedics report finding the old man in the northern Gaza Strip with a white flag in his hand. Meanwhile 21 year old Hisham Saka was killed by an Israeli warplane firing missiles into the north."

siblings in Gaza. Al-Jazeera photo

Yasser from Gaza sends an email to friends:

"People are living as in the 30s and 40s of the last century. Many of us also think that the only safe place is the place where we will all go - the cemetery.

With time we continue to find out new levels to the brutality of the Israeli army. Soon the whole world will discover things that no one imagined would happen as will any other Palestinian. I hope that the world is one day going to open its eyes.

Perhaps I should apologize for this traumatizing email, but I kept waiting for days before coming to this Internet café which has a generator. I was waiting for things to improve. I was waiting so that I could tell you that everything is over, and that we are safe and sound. Unfortunately time passes and I can not write any of that."

Bolivia announces the end of diplomatic ties with Israel:

"Bolivian President Evo Morales says his country has cut diplomatic ties with Israel, calling the Israeli offensive in Gaza 'genocide'."

Venezuela breaks off Israel ties:
"Venezuela has joined Bolivia in severing ties with Israel in protest against its war in the Gaza Strip, which has left more than 1,000 Palestinians dead.

"Venezuela ... has decided to break off diplomatic relations with the state of Israel given the inhumane persecution of the Palestinian people," the foreign ministry said in a statement on Wednesday."


Gaza: The death and life of my father:

"The phone call came at around 4.20pm on Saturday. A bomb had been dropped on the house at our small farm in northern Gaza. My father was walking from the gate to the farmhouse at the time. It was our beloved place, that farm and its two-storey white house with a red roof. Nestled in a flat fertile agricultural plain north-west of Beit Lahiya, it had lemon groves, orange and apricot trees and we had recently acquired 60 dairy cows.
The house was reduced to little more than powder, and of Dad there was nothing much left either. "Just a pile of flesh," my uncle, who found him in the rubble, said later with brutal honesty."

Gaza children shot to death by Israeli snipers. Palestine Chronicle photo.

An open letter to Elie Wiesel - by Savo Heleta:

"The first time I read "Night," the memoir that describes your horrific experiences during the Holocaust, was in 2003.
Over the years, your and Nelson Mandela's books, experiences and work for peace have made me think about my own wartime experience and subsequently led me to a complete personal transformation. I went from a teenager seeking retribution to a person seeking healing, reconciliation and peace.
Some time ago I found one of your quotes: "I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation.

"We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented," you said.

I completely agreed with you. I still do.
But late last month, when Israel began its onslaught in Gaza, I tried to find an op-ed, an interview, some statement made by you, in which you said something about the current conflict and condemned the killing of innocent people.

But this time, I couldn't find anything."


Dear Michelle Obama: Please do not abandon the Palestinian Children:

letter to Michelle Obama by Benhur Arcila, the son-in-law of the mother of Khalil.

"Please forgive me for calling you Michelle, but Michelle many in America actually voted for you when they voted for your husband. You are our hope. When we listen to you and see you on the media we feel strongly that you are the one who can make a difference in our country. Please do not abandon the Palestinian children. The indifference of the world to the atrocities against the children of Palestine is a senseless crime that needs to be stopped. Please help. Many in America and the world over will support you."

Palestine News Network.

What, you are crying?

From a poem by Palestinian poet Kamal Nasir who was assassinated by Israeli terrorists while he was sleeping in 1973 in Beirut (As'ad AbuKhalil's translation):

"What, you are crying?
Your father has died,
And so has your brother?
And you have been listed
in the procession of refugees?
Get up and let us
tighten our pride
on the playground of dignity
I am your father and brother,
grew up on the agony of refugees
and silenced the wailing on my side
Get up and let us
tighten our pride
on the playground of dignity
I am the comrade in the
strange conflict,
the comrade of
the beloved garb
I worry about you
I worry about suffering,
I worry about eulogy
killing the traces of pride
and bloodying in your chest
the meaning of sacrifice
And existence gets sweeter,
and you stay in loss
in the procession of refugees"

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