Tuesday, January 27, 2009

bombs behind flowers

Did you watch the video clips on bombs that I posted in the previous post? Not easy to watch--that is, if you see yourself behind the eyes of someone underneath those bombs. As the target. Those clips are made, however, from the perspective of those dropping the bombs, or dreaming to drop them. The clips are just a few of the videos on bombs and other war technologies available on the net, that are, horrifyingly, posted to provoke awe. Who dreams up these technologies of war? Who lies in bed at night dreaming about how to make flechettes?

Bombs even come decorated in flowers. As'ad AbuKhalil, on Obama's recent interview on Al-Arabiyya tv, writes: "Obama as a representative of the White Man (and he can also be referred to as the White Man, analytically speaking just as Margaret Thatcher was a representative of the White Man) did not deviate from the deep racism that characterizes US foreign policy to the Arab-Israeli conflict. I mean when he refers to Israel's security as "paramount" he is basically saying (like previous US president) that the security of the Palestinians is inferior because they are seen as inferior people. There is no question about that. It means that and the racism is reflected clearly in the disregard of Israeli WMDs. It never comes up in any interview with US officials on Al-Arabiyya (it is featured regularly in AlJazeera as yesterday's interview with Brent Scowcroft showed). Karl Marx wrote somewhere about the danger of covering up the chain with flowers. Obama is no different than Bush but American bombs and missiles under his administration will be decorated and covered with flowers. If that is a reason to celebrate, please open the champagne bottles NOW."

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