Thursday, January 8, 2009

Israeli army spokespeople say they have no records of any of those strikes

I find it incredible:

"Israeli army spokespeople say they have no records of any of those strikes."

Two posts ago, I noted the inane, cruel and arrogant comment to the Canadian press by Canada's Minister of Status of Foreign Affairs, Peter Kent. He blames Hamas for the deaths of the Palestinians sheltering in the UN school.

Just now I read another inane, cruel and arrogant comment to the Canadian press by another ill-informed, biased Canadian government representative: acting Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, who also blames Hamas for the deaths and injuries of the Palestinians in Gaza today.

"Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff says Israel is justified in taking military action to defend itself against attacks by Hamas from the Gaza Strip.

'Canada has to support the right of a democratic country to defend itself,' he told reporters in Halifax today after speaking to a forum of business leaders on the economy.

'Israel has been attacked from Gaza, not just last year, but for almost 10 years. They evacuated from Gaza so there is no occupation in Gaza.'"

I guess Mr. misinformed Minister Ignatieff forgot to read history--and he teaches university classes! The Palestinians have been attacked by the Israeli military for 60 years. Israel has sealed off the Gaza Strip, people are not free to "de-occupy" from there.

Incredibly, in defense of Israel Mr. misinformed Minister states that "Canada has to support the right of a democratic country to defend itself," yet, logically, then, as Hamas is the democratically elected government of the people of Gaza, then Canada must also support the right of the Palestinian people in Gaza to defend themselves.

Is that not right, Mr. Minister of misinformation!!?

I think the Canadian ministers should listen to Health Official Raed Arini of the overwhelmed Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. He is cited in the first article I linked to, with the mind-boggling statement by the Israeli army spokespeople that there is NO RECORD of these strikes--these Israeli army reps too need to pay attention to Arini. Arini states clearly from his eye-witness of account of terribly injured people and disfigured dead bodies:

"The reason for death is the Israeli army," Arini said, as medics rushed in with more wounded people.


Merche Pallarés said...

What are they going to say??? Let's face it, dear Taina, Canada has become another "State" of the USA. Politicians SAY what the "masters" want in order to have the "masses" still thinking that the Israelies are the eternal victims... poor people... The masses have been brainwashed since World War II to think in black and white (no greys...). The Nazis were the bad guys (black), the Jews the good guys (white). Now it's the Palestinian's turn. They are the bad ones and the Israelies the good ones... Oh, how I wish the masses WOKE up!!! After all, we CITIZENS are the majority all over the world. We SHOULD be able to do something, starting with unmasking Zionist propaganda. Much love 'n hugs, M.

Julie said...

You are such a beautiful woman and your blog has enlightened me
I hope that others will read it and feel the same and maybe, just maybe, the world will take notice and say Enough!

northshorewoman said...

Merche, we are part of the masses, so there is much dissent and action among these masses. I believe that the internet can be one way to inform ourselves and each other, but it is not enough. There is no one answer. All action must be on the local and neighbourhood level, too.

For example, people in Canada have to stop going to Chapters bookstore. This a favorite place for many book-lovers to congregate. Yet Chapters gives $$ to any Canadian of Jewish descent who wants to go to Israel to join the Israeli army.

So, that is one thing we all must do. Give up things that on their surface are things that are fun/good for us but in fact are part of the problem and bring blood into other people's lives.

Julie, we all learn from each other and I think, as I have posted in the past, that there is as much beauty as pain in the world.

This pain and suffering of the Palestinians has existed for 60 years. These recent deaths, as terrible and severe as they are, are only a continuation in the chapter of the Palestinian people's oppression.

So, this book of ugliness has to change. Each must do her/his part to add good energy and ways forward. I am sure you are doing your share. Informing yourself is a big step. Intervening is a big step, too. That often means, for those of us who by accident of birth have privileges, to take risks which might make us uncomfortable.

That's the way I see it. If the comfy folks are unsettled a bit, then change may happen.

So, e.g., who should change the most in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. It must be the Israelis.

that's why Hamas has very little to do with it.

Merche Pallarés said...

Yes, we're part of the masses but many of us are informed whereas the great "silent" majority--that's what I mean by "masses"--especially in North America, are not. Hugs, M.