Monday, January 19, 2009

and the sanctions remain

If you think that the photo from my last post is an exception, it's not. I was watching Arabic Al-Jazeera this morning after I got back from teaching (btw, Arabic Al-Jay is substantially different than English Al-Jay), and the landscape of Gaza looks like a bombed out moonscape. Children were sitting among the ruins and rubble--can you imagine the carcinogenic materials they are enveloped in?--and people were walking about, slowly surveying the terrible devastation, looking themselves devastated.

I guess so.

The destruction is mind-boggling. Saudi Arabia reports to give $1 Billion for reconstruction. I believe I heard that Canada will give 4 million. So, that is how the world expresses its belief in the lives of the Palestinians of Gaza? Killing them--no problem. Nothing done about that--I mean, what I should say is actually supporting and encouraging Israel on that and then turning a blind eye. Yet money for rebuilding. How humane of us! How generous of us! Of the dead of Gaza--who cares. Of the maimed of Gaza--who cares.

We have blood on our hands. Look at them. We have blood on our hands.

Painting: Iraqi female artist, the late Layla Al-Attar, killed by Enemy bombs in Baghdad. from Arabwomanblues blog.

Last night I kept thinking of that homeless old man. Where did he sleep last night? What of all the displaced people who lost everything, I mean, not just lost everything but had their ENTIRE WAY OF LIVING DESTROYED? The students who have neither a bed to sleep in, a roof over their heads, any books left to read, or even a school to attend.

What of them?

Government building remains. Maan photo. Hatem Omar

If citizens of Gaza need to request their elected government's services, that is, Hamas, who provides social services, health, welfare, etc, well, here is the help they can give. Thanks to Israel and its backers--which includes Canada--here is your current infrastructure.

Sanctions are still on, don't forget. Canada was the 1st nation in the world to call for sanctions against the people of Gaza, which they have suffered since 2006. Now their land is destroyed, refugees and their descendants slaughtered and maimed and left destitute once again and THE SANCTIONS REMAIN.

The world is trying to starve the Palestinians of Gaza to death. If the bombs didn't kill them, don't expect the heart of the world to open up and dismantle the sanctions.

What a cruel, cruel world....

unless, of course, the blood on your hands bothers you and you decide to do something about this.


Anonymous said...

what can an average Canadian do? write letters? go to protests? sign petitions? as an average citizen I personally, mostly feel powerless against a governement (that I didn't vote for) and the powers that be. Money, greed and power seem to be what dictates world leaders/governments. I don't comprehend how the majority of people seem to have no say in issues large or small.....that is all left up to a relatively small group of men, and corrupt, no doubt. It seems they always make the same decisions. I am certain that the majority of people would never want this massacare of innocent civilians. Who votes for war? I would think that most people would most definately vote against destruction and violence. But maybe I am wrong? Perhaps so many turn a blind eye because it is painful to realize and/or they feel that there is nothing that they can do to change things. It can be such a cruel world and in all the years I have been alive, it does not seem to be improving much. However, I still must/need to look for the beauty and loving kindness that also exists all around us. And hope! Interesting how we all seem to be looking to the new US president for hope in a better future for not just thte US, but for the world. I need to always hope! I have hope for the people of Gaza. Awareness yes! but then what can we do? Forgive me....but I don't know what else to say or do. Thank you for your dedication in keeping our eyes open to this terrible situation. I pray that awareness takes us all to the light.

northshorewoman said...

an average Canadian can do what an average Canadian can do: her or his share. Nothing more. It is not a herculean task. Becoming more aware is crucial. Arming ourselves with as much knowledge as possible, from diverse sources, especially beyond mainstream. So that when times come up in our everyday lives--at our neighbour's homes, in the office, in our classrooms, at some event--when someone says something that repeats conventional (non)wisdom thus supporting injustice--then we can speak up and intervene. Take a risk. Stop playing safe. What is the worst case scenario? That this person walks away from you? Gets mad at you? Is rude? Is it not worth the suffering and deaths of others that you speak out?

One can do what one can do. Our tasks and means of the doing are different and multiple. Some of us are bold (like me), others of us are not quite so brazen. However, I strongly urge people to write their elected representatives. Write letters to the editor. These are not useless tasks. Through them we voice.

Every Canadian city has great groups to join. If your city does not, then maybe this is your task: to start a group. To think of what you can do. I cannot tell you what it is you need to do--you will learn to do what it is you must do. It will come to you like a gift.

Do some people vote for war? Yes. The Israeli citizenry vote for war again and again and again. Each of their governments has been an ugly war machine. The Isreali public likes war and the deaths of Palestinian people. This is thoroughly documented. I am not raving anti-semitism here. This is documented. 95% of the Israeli public supported the Gaza massacre. Israelis went to the hilltops with binoculars, lawn chairs and Pepsis to cheer on "their boys". They support killing--of Arabs.

Merche Pallarés said...

Very good Anonymous questions and your answers, Taina. Little by little perhaps we CAN make a mountain out of a mole hill... Regarding the animals, how cynical and, once again, lack of absolute compassion for the human beings AND animals also slaughtered in Gaza. Really, Israel, makes me sick. Hugs, M.