Friday, January 23, 2009

Jewish and Israeli people can see, why can't you?

The bxw photos show German soldiers abusing Jewish people; the colour photos show Israeli soldiers abusing Palestinian people. I had sent this out earlier onto some groups I belong to.

In response, a woman sent me an email accusing me of sending hate mail.

Why do some people not do their history homework? Why do some people insist on speaking their piece yet they are not even informed and have no idea of how to form a credible argument? Why do small minds keep reducing any criticism of the apartheid state of Israel to a "hate crime" and/or "anti-semitism"?

For the woman who sent me that email, please read the long list of Jewish and Israeli individuals and groups who are working on justice for Palestine and to stop Israeli aggression, violence, colonization, and death. Perhaps you may learn some things that can help you move beyond your myopia and racism.

Please read this DETAILED page of a compilation of Jewish and Israeli voices speaking out against Israeli policies and actions so that you can begin to stop reducing the attempted ethnic cleansing of Palestinians to a simplistic dichotomy.

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Only Love said...

YOu need to find peace within yourself my friend.
As long as you live in the duality that is so obvious on your site you will never help to achieve peace in the world ...or in yourself.
NOTHING is black and white.Noone is right or wrong.It is an intricate dance of which much of it you do not understand as it is not your life or your karma though perhoas may be in future lives as you are asking for it.
Live YOUR life. Promote true love and kindness...please dont continue your relentless comparisions and prejuidices.
I hope you find some healing, only then will your website promote any kind of peace.Until then it does nothing but perpetrate the violence and hatred found in those crusaders of "peace" who are truly not persons of love and peace.