Thursday, January 29, 2009

Canada Park: Canadian cover-up of war crimes

Canada Park: Park with No Peace. 5th Estate documentary (1991) 31 m. produced by Neil Docherty

Canada Park in Occupied Territories, built on the site of the destroyed villages of Imwas, Yahu, and Bayt Nuba, from which 1000s of Palestinians were expelled. Israeli writer and former Knesset member Uri Avnery states that "by putting this park there and calling it Canada Park [it's] a Canadian cover-up of war crimes."

Canada Park was built by Canadian Jews and Christians, whose donations were tax-deductible in Canada, and the Jewish National Fund. The hypocrisy of the Jewish National Fund is mind-boggling: on their website they urge people to "plant trees in Israel", appealing not only to a romanticized "homeland" discourse but also to their environmental and green consciousness, yet they forgot to mention on their "When you plant a tree in Israel" page the criminal activities of the Israeli army and extremist settlers in bulldozing and uprooting Palestinian olive trees, orange trees, and entire orchards and groves!

Above: "Yasmin Khayal stands chained to olive trees
in the path of an Israeli military bulldozer at work expanding the Israeli settlement of Yakir in violation of international law and cease-fire agreements. Yasmin was part of a protest to stop the destruction of the orchard belonging to the Palestinian village of Dir Istya in the occupied West Bank. For her action, Yasmin spent time in Israeli women's prison."

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