Saturday, January 17, 2009

Israel bombs another UN building in Gaza

Al-Quds hospital in Gaza City, ruinous aftermath of bombing. The hospital, run by the Red Crescent in Palestine, was bombed by Israel on Thursday, Jan. 15 Ma'an photo. Wissam Nasser.

Today, more war crimes against civilians by the Israeli army-gone-berserk while the world's leaders call for "balance." 1600 civilians in northern Gaza had gone to the UN school in Beit Lahiya for refuge. This morning it was bombed. Two Palestinian boys died inside the school and 4 more people died as they ran from the building in fear. Many are injured.

John Ging, the director of UNRWA, who unlike other Western people in positions of powers, does not mince his discontent:

"People today are alleging war crimes here in Gaza. Lets have it properly accounted for. Lets have the legal process which will establish exactly what has happened here.

"It is another failure for our humanity and it is exposing the impotence of our [the international community's] inability to protect civilians in conflict."

This bombing of a UN school, whose coordinates the Israelis know about, happens just as the Israeli cabinet goes to vote on a unilateral ceasefire. What does ceasefire mean to them? Here is one rep:

"An unnamed Israeli official told the AFP news agency that Israeli troops would remain in Gaza in the event of any such ceasefire being called.

"If they [Hamas] decide to open fire, we will not hesitate to respond and continue the offensive," the official was quoted as saying."


Julie said...

Yes, war crimes indeed.
How, I wonder, does the US government answer for it's complicity in arming Israel with the means to kill so many innocent men, women and children?
And where, I wonder, is God?

northshorewoman said...

Yes, and how do the Canadian people allow Canadian companies to make the components for these bombs and other killing technologies? Richard Sanders has been working tirelessly to expose this.

Also, uranium from Saskatchewan is destined to bomb-making. The province of Saskatechewan hopes to enter neoliberal economic boom glory through uranium. Through contributing to killing fields.

Canada's history of contributing to death by military is long:

Canada is the world’s largest producer of uranium and its biggest customer is the United States. That relationship stems back to the Second World War, when refined uranium from the Port Radium mine in NWT was sold to the U.S. government to build nuclear bombs – a fact not mentioned in the history of the Port Radium mine in NTI’s draft uranium mining consultation document."
[look under "Stiff Rules.."