Monday, January 19, 2009

Israel to help fund treatment of pets hurt by rockets

Israeli State to help fund treatment of pets hurt by rockets.

of course, that only means if your dog lives on the side of the land called Israel. If you are a dog from Gaza, you will not get money for treatment against rockets. You know, dear readers, that I love dogs. I have told you many times about Musti and Tassu, the mother and daughter dog duo that I walk each Sunday. I love those dogs. They yelp and howl for joy when they smell me coming down their street on Sunday morning at 8:30 a.m., waking up all the folks who just want to sleep in on Sunday morning. And, after I tie them up when we are finished our walk, Musti (Blackie) and Tassu (Paws) moan and howl most beseechingly. I can hear their yowls all the way up the street as I head back home. But really, dear readers, Israeli dogs are treated better than Palestinians in Gaza!!! And in their love of animals, did the Israelis ever think of all the animals their bombs and other ugly munitions slaughtered in Gaza? The cows? the horses? the donkeys? the sheep? the birds? the butterflies? and I am sure, THE DOGS. Seriously, this outrageousness of treating dogs better than PALESTINIAN HUMAN LIFE, and treating dogs AS LONG AS THEY ARE ISRAELI is a corrupt statement of the lack of clear vision and inhumanity in that racist state. I think I will contact the minister at the end of this article and ask if the dogs of Gaza are included in the health plan?

by Erez Erlichman
"With cats and dogs facing rocket threat just like their human companions, Agriculture Ministry decides to help pay for medical care of pets injured by rocket fire

Last week a Qassam rocket hit a house in Sderot and killed the family's dog, which was at the building's yard during the attack. The dog was rushed to the veterinarian for treatment, but died due to severe shrapnel injuries and massive loss of blood.

Dog Therapy

Following this incident and in light of the fact that like their human owners, pets in Israel's south are also under the constant rocket threat, the Agriculture Ministry has decided it would help pay for the medical care of dogs and cats injured by rocket fire from Gaza.

"One of the main problems arising from the treatment of wounded animals is that the tax authorities do not consider pets as property, and therefore owners are not compensated for medical treatment of the animal," said Dganit Ben-Dov, DVM, the Veterinary Services official in charge of enforcing the Animal Protection Law.

"This is the aspect we wish to rectify, since treatment to a wounded animal could cost thousands of shekels," she added.

According to Ben-Dov, the ministry will also consider funding the treatment of street cats and dogs without owners.

For further details, please contact Dganit Ben-Dov at the Agriculture Ministry by email: or by fax: 03-9681661 "

I have added an addendum to this post. Here is the email that I just sent out:

Dear Ms. Dganit Ben-Dov,

I just read the article by Erez Erlichman called "Israeli State to help fund treatment of pets hurt by rockets" that is found online on Ynet news, URL below.

As a pet lover, especially a dog lover, I was wondering if the Israeli Agriculture Ministry's financial help for dogs hit by rockets also applies to the dogs hit by Israeli bombs in Gaza? Does it also cover cows, horses, donkeys, and sheep?,7340,L-3651173,00.html

thank you for considering my question,
Taina Maki Chahal


Merche Pallarés said...

Sorry, I meant to write about the animals in this post but I wrote it in the previous one which had to do with the funding for rebuilding Gaza. Yes, they destroy so a few can earn MORE money rebuilding the destroyed edifices... Hugs, M.

northshorewoman said...

exactly. This is the story of Iraq, especially. The gutting of Iraqi nationalist projects, companies, economies, and buildings and the replacement of self-determining ones with American and transnational corporate capitalist ones.

northshorewoman said...

Merche, I am answering here for the previous post: Writing a letter like this to this unsuspecting govt rep is one small act of civil disobedience. The outrage that dogs in Israel are given more consideration than Palestinian lives is so tellingly brought to the fore and made absurd. It is this absurdity, this outrageous mind-numbing absurdity that my letter to this ms. dov (of all names!!!!) exposes. If she or her assistant who reads my email is perplexed by my request, perhaps wonders if I am asking a legitimate question (!!!) then it was worth the few minutes and the risk of being put on some Israeli watch list to write it.

Shame on Israel. Shame on the average citizens and govt workers of Israel that contribute to racism and death. Shame on them.