Tuesday, January 6, 2009

inhumanity is visible

These people were forced to flee the border areas of Gaza for shelter provided by the UN. Now that school has been bombed. Are the people in this Al-Jazeera clip dead now, too? How many times must Palestinians be forced to flee for non-existent safe places? The UN was their protector, yet apparently it cannot protect Palestinians from Israel.

"I'm shocked by what I've seen and heard, this is the point where the inhumanity is visible and shocking in terms of the nature of injuries, the brutality of the injuries the scale of the injuries," said John Ging, who heads the UN agency for Palestinian refugees UNRWA."

Last night, driving home in the dark, I heard this Norwegian Doctor in Gaza interviewed on CBC radio. On Leila El-Haddad's blog (who was just interviewed on CBC at noon) I found she had posted this video of what the doctor reports:


Merche Pallarés said...

I went to Leila El-Haddad's blog and from what I read, I presume she lives in North Carolina but her parents are in Gaza. What a horrible situation... I can understand her anguish. Poor woman.
By the way, I've posted the translation of the two Jewish humanists, Glenn Greenwald and Yosefa Loshitzky in my blog. Hugs, M.

northshorewoman said...


Leila El-Haddad lives half in the US and half in Gaza, except she is now in the US because the borders were closed after she left last time. I have been reading her blog for a few years. Interestingly, her blog is "about" childrearing--which shows that our work of mothering is so different depending on where we live and what is the context our families live in. And that of our lives, like those of Palestinians of Gaza, get interrupted from their daily tasks by machinations beyond their control. And so one's blog about one's children must reflect the harsh realities of what some families must deal with.

You are doing amazing work translating these pieces! That is excellent, much needed activism. We do not have time to get swamped by anger or depressed as we have to do work, whatever we can, in our own ways, to DO SOMETHING. And you are. Thank you, Merche. I hope to meet you one day.

Merche Pallarés said...

I hope to meet you also. Next time I go to Canada...or, maybe, you come to Spain?? Much love, M.